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The King’s Head Members’ Club.


(You don't need to be a member to dine with us, just book through this website)


Concealed beneath a derelict public house, The King’s Head Private Members’ Club is East London’s best kept secret.

Founded in 2013, and located in the heart of Shoreditch, this exquisite venue offers multiple large rooms that boast character.


Enclosed over four floors, The King’s Head showcases an extravagant lounge bar, luxurious restaurant, top secret basement club, and numerous private rooms, all featuring an astonishing array of taxidermy and eccentric décor.

Our Venue in a Glance

The King’s Head is not your typical members' club. Spread across four captivating floors, our venue is a treasure trove of distinctive spaces, each with its own allure and ambiance.

1. The Exquisite Lounge Bar: Step into an extravagant lounge bar, where sophistication and relaxation intertwine seamlessly. It's the perfect spot to unwind, socialize, or enjoy a crafted cocktail in style.

2. The Luxurious Restaurant: Our restaurant is a culinary haven that promises a memorable dining experience. The menu is designed to tantalize your taste buds with a variety of delectable dishes.

3. The Top Secret Basement Club: Descend into our underground club for an evening of unforgettable entertainment. It's a hub of excitement, where music, dancing, and an air of exclusivity blend into an unforgettable night.

4. Numerous Private Rooms: We understand that privacy and exclusivity are paramount. To cater to your unique needs, we offer several private rooms, each with its own captivating decor and atmosphere.

Taxidermy and Eccentric Decor:

Throughout The King’s Head, you'll find a mesmerizing collection of taxidermy and eccentric decor that adds a touch of quirkiness and charm to your surroundings. It's a nod to the club's unique personality and its commitment to creating an unforgettable environment.

Discover the captivating world concealed beneath the derelict public house. The King's Head is East London's best-kept secret, and we invite you to be a part of it. Join us in experiencing a venue that is rich in character, artistry, and unforgettable moments.

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