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FU:DIZM is a fusion cuisine. Food with no boundaries. A combination of Middle Eastern, Pan Asian, Mediterranean & beyond.


Small Plates Vegan/Vegetarian

Small Plates ( Fish / Seafood )

Small Plates ( Meat )


 Food Revolution

Established in 2021, FU:DIZM was created to offer outstanding quality of food and to take you on a unique food journey with our culinary creations. This truly authentic experience keeps our customers coming back for more.

FU:DIZM has revolutionised the way people eat and enjoy food. We take pride in our ability to discover the most unique flavours from around the world and share it with you.

Our talented team is led by Chef Jon Villar, former head chef of Kopapa, Gammagamma Soho, Mber, Pj's Grill & MInako at the Met. Jon works around the clock to offer fresh flavours with the mix of authentic classic and modern innovative dishes.

Join us for a truly memorable dining experience.


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The King's Head Private Member's Club 257,

Kingsland Road, E2 8AS

 Tel. +4407447436684

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